Resources for You

Here are just some of my worksheets and hand-outs that you can print and use at your leisure. It’s helpful to have tools like this in your wellness toolbox, as therapy is just one way of taking care of ourselves. If you want your own paper copy, just click on the photo, copy it to your computer and paste it into a new word processing page. Stay tuned for more worksheets coming this year!

How to Live a Balanced Life Worksheet

Click here for a 2-page PDF version of the worksheet you can work on.

Building a Postpartum Wellness Toolkit

In honour of World Maternal Mental Health Day, here is a booklet i made just for you! Please click this link to get your own free copy!

How to Catch a Rainbow

Weekly Self-Care Routine

28 Days of Self-Love

12 Days of Mindful Holidays

Building Your Wellness Toolkit