Therapy with Vania….

Hi There! My name is vania sukola (pronouns she/her) and i’m a Registered Psychotherapist. I am so very happy to meet you here. In my life, I see people struggle when faced with a new transition in their life: an overall feeling of an unfulfilled life, issues with reproductive health and adjustment as a parent, conflict between couples, and a lack of emotional regulation can really impact our overall well-being. As a psychotherapist, I have learned ways to help women cope with this adjustment, and have a wealth of tools and resources to help during this time. I have a deep commitment to support women as i believe it takes a village to help when we are going through these transitions and rites of passage.

As I am very passionate about supporting women with their overall well-being and wellness, i started my practice to provide therapeutic support to help you live the life you love. For instance, some of the areas i focus on include supporting you with the transition into a new phase of life, struggles you have with this new identity as a parent, postpartum mood and adjustment concerns, body image issues, creating your own personalized wellness toolkit, as well as relationship/couple counselling. I am a trauma-focused psychotherapist as well, and this has been a big component for my work for over 15 years. Trauma is anything that is too much and to big for you to bear. While i mainly support people to heal from sexual violence, gender-based violence or birth trauma, i believe trauma impacts us all in our own way.

Sometimes, we get stuck in judging ourselves and not feeling the happiness that is expected of us. I’m here to work with you through feelings of unhappiness or depression, low self-esteem or self-worth, anger that you have experienced and/or ‘mom guilt’ that you’re stuck feeling, times where you are especially low or irritable, negative body image, and creating a more intentional way of living.

As a Feminist Therapist, it’s important to me that we find ways to make time for all the parts of us that matter, and not just being a mom or parent. I also believe that issues around being a parent can come up in any stage of life, and so I can provide support to you regardless of your child’s age. We are not just mothers so i am here to help with the transitions you go through!

Please note that while the focus of my work is on women and mothers/parents, i strongly believe that we are all valuable and equal. I work from an intersectional anti-racist anti-oppression lens and support anyone who identifies as a woman, trans, gender queer or non-binary people who are comfortable in woman-aligned spaces. I also support people in any form a relationship takes, be it a cis-gendered, heterosexual relationship; single/sole parenting; same-sex couples;, pansexual, polyamorous, or open relationships.

If you’d like to book an initial call, please click here to get my contact info.

I’ve got you covered to live the life that you love.