Therapy with Vania….

Hi There! I am so very happy to meet you here. I am a mother and also trained as a therapist. In my personal life, I see friends and family struggle with the new transition into parenthood. Issues of postpartum depression, conflict between couples, and the lack of emotional support for mothers can really impact our overall well-being. As a Registered Psychotherapist, I have learned ways to help women cope with this adjustment, and have a wealth of tools and resources to help women during this time. I have a deep commitment to support expectant mothers and parents of young children, to ease the transition into parenthood.

As I am very passionate about supporting women with their overall well-being and wellness, i opened my practice in 2015 to provide therapeutic support that covers perinatal and postpartum issues. For instance, body image issues, transition into this new phase of life, parenting concerns, struggles you have with this new identity as a parent, birth trauma, postpartum depression/anxiety, infertility, stillborn/miscarriage loss, and relationship/couple counselling. I also believe that issues around being a parent can come up in any stage of life, and so I can provide support to you regardless of your child’s age. I am here to help with the transitions you go through!

I know that new mothers can be quite isolated from getting support in those first early weeks. But as studies prove, postpartum care needs to include a holistic approach to ensure that depression or further mental health concerns do not escalate. With this in mind, I am available to come to woman’s homes, in order to provide more accessible and tangible support. Sometimes when we have children, we get stuck in judging ourselves and not feeling the happiness that is expected of us. We can work with you through feelings of depression, low self-esteem, anger that you have experienced and/or ‘mom guilt’ that you’re stuck feeling, negative body image, and creating a more intentional way of living.

Please note that while the focus is on women and mothers, i strongly believe that all families are valued and equal. I work from an anti-oppression lens and support anyone who identifies as a woman as well as any form relationships take, be it a cis-gendered heterosexual relationship, single/sole parenting, same-sex couples, polyamorous relationships, and trans or gender fluid folks.

I also provide groups for expectant and new mothers, with a focus on maternal wellness and mental health. Please go to the Mother Wellness Care Group page for more info and dates.

I’ve got you covered