Clinical Supervision and Community Consultation

Speaking Engagements and Professional Workshops
I offer individual consultation as well as workshops for community groups and organizations. If you run or facilitate a group program (whether it’s for new parents or for people who have experienced gender-based violence), and would like to invite me as a guest speaker or to provide consultation, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’d be happy to create a unique topic for your group. Please reach out about my rate for workshops.

* What is Trauma and its Impact
* Trauma-Informed Care (for birth workers, therapists, community members, etc)
* Building a Resilience Toybox
* Holistic Healing Tools for Trauma
* Somatic-based Therapeutic Resource Tools for Emotion Regulation and Nervous System Support
* Supporting Women with Intellectual Disabilities who have Experienced Trauma to Abuse
* Burn-Out and Vicarious Trauma and Resilience for Healers – supporting you with your own experience of trauma due to your work
* Processing a Birth Story in a Somatic Parts Work Way
* Supporting Parents who have a History of Trauma
* Intersection of Previous Trauma and Birth
* Support for Birth Trauma
* Attachment Styles and Parenting
* Incorporating Expressive Arts Prompts in Your Practice
* Dance and Movement as Healing Steps
* What is Self-Compassion and Creating a Self-Compassionate Practice
* Mother Wound and Developmental Trauma
* Attachment Wound Healing
* Rites of Passage and Archetypes
* Post-Traumatic Growth and Resilience
* Signs and Symptoms of Abuse
* How to Have Healthy Relationships and Safety Planning
* Supporting Couples where One has a History of Trauma

* See list HERE for topic ideas I have offered to community members and groups.

Canadian Perinatal Mental Health Trainings
I’m on the faculty of this fabulous initiative. It’s geared to folks of any scope of practice that supports people in the perinatal stage of life (prenatal, fertility challenges, birth and postpartum. Check out the programs we offer HERE. The areas of my focus are mainly on trauma-informed assessment training and ways to support new parents who have a history of trauma.

In 2020, i shared a somatic tool that helps someone orient back into the room when they get activated by a traumatic memory. Geared to therapists who also support people in the perinatal stage, this resource is a gift! Check out this link to get a copy of this great resource.

Supervision Support
I offer clinical supervision to new Registered Psychotherapists (i.e. Qualifying) who are looking for support for their clinical work, as well as established therapists who are looking for ongoing support. I have received the necessary hours for independent practice as per CRPO guidelines and have been trained as a Clinical Supervisor.

Just as in my own clinical work, i am a Feminist Supervisor: I work from an intersectional feminist anti-racist anti-oppression framework, and my supervision style is relational and somatic-based. I provide support in a breadth of areas and modalities, namely Narrative Therapy, Parts Work, Emotionally Focused Therapy, and Sex Therapy (all that i am formally trained in). I focus on the impact of trauma due to gender-based violence or birth trauma. Another speciality i focus on is supporting therapists who are new parents, and helping find a balance with the demands of being both a therapist and a parent. Caregiver burn-out is a unique consequence and workplace hazard for this work we do. I intentionally hold space for this, as well as honour the work we are proud of.

I think it’s important to develop and grow your clinical knowledge, practice self-reflection and accountability, identify transference, vicarious trauma or privilege, and balance your self-exploration with self-compassion. A strong therapeutic alliance is sacred in order to feel safe enough to be vulnerable with your supervisor. I hold you as your expert and am here to merely boost your confidence and curiosity in your work. My goal as a supervisor is to support you in remaining self-led.

My rate for clinical consultation and supervision is $150/hour, as well as dyads. I can offer support on an ongoing or case-by-case. I also provide individual session case consultation on topics that related to perinatal mood, birth trauma, and the intersection of past abuse trauma and parenthood. Please note, i do not only work with RPs or RSW – i believe that everyone can belong at the table, whether you are a doula, coach or therapist of some kind. We are all a village of healers, empaths, and carers.

Group Supervision with a Feminist Therapist
I’m excited to offer a supervision group that meets throughout the year. We discuss cases as well as share resources that we are excited about. Let’s break down the silo of our work and become more united! Click on THIS LINK to see the poster and learn more. If you would like to join or connect to see if it’s a good fit for you, reach out to me ( The next cohort begins in December 2024 and registration will open soon!

Contact me to learn more about my supervision approach, and to see if we are good fit.