Moontide Services – Ritual and Ceremony Offerings

I have been hosting circles in my personal community for years. It is a big part of my spiritual work and Soul medicine. I also love the community it fosters and having gatherings can be such a reparative and healing gift to many of us. I also have trained to be a community organizer, a group facilitator and circle leader. As this is something i am so passionate about, i am continuing my studies in this. I continue to plant seeds of intention to offer more community gatherings like retreats and healing circles.

I am over the moon to start offering these ceremonies in an official capacity now. As a Ritualist and space holder, this feels like an intuitive evolution of my work and service to the community.

As someone who has been in circles and received blessings myself, i love the energy it manifests and shapes within us. I really believe that the magic stays in my body for days and weeks to come. I love how it lingers.

Rituals and ceremonies are the intentional practices that enhance our life, and bring meaning and sacredness to our experience. As a non-dominational witch and intersectional feminist, the offerings i hold do not appropriate from other cultures and traditions that are outside my lineage.

My Offerings
I offer single sessions to help you create a ritual for yourself, that honours something that is sacred to you. It can be about adding more ritual to your daily life or ways to enhance your soul work.

Some of the community offerings i feel called to share are Beginning Ceremonies like Parent Blessings, First Moon or Menopause journeys, Moon ceremonies and seasonal Wheel of the Year celebrations, rites of passage like marriage or conscious coupling, a new home or career, as well as Closing Gatherings that hold space for something that you are leaving – be it a home, a career, a city, or Grief and Loss Circles. An offering can be intimate just for you (like a cleanse or invocation for your new home) or a gathering with others.

Circles include things like:
-Embodied land acknowledgement and circle blessing
-Breathwork and guided meditation
-Altar creation with flowers and crystals
-guided discussion
-craft-making (collage, necklace, spell jars, etc)
-Oracle cards
-anointing oils and/or herbal teas
-sound medicine – singing bowl/chimes, playlist creation, songs
-journal prompts

Please note: This service is outside my scope as a psychotherapist. While i do not have a physical site to offer to groups, i can guide circles virtually, in your backyard, in a forest or in a community space. Contact me if you want to learn more and set up a connection call!