Areas of Speciality

Supportive Therapy for Women and the Transitions in Their Lives

I am so honoured to bear witness for you as you take time for yourself. I know how hard it is to manage everything, let alone when a major change happens in your life. So, i’d like to meet your needs. As we work together, we put a plan in place and work on goals that help you get there. Something that makes therapy effective is regularly booked sessions, typically weekly or bi-weekly – this establishes rapport as well as a foundation for the work that is crucial for you to do at home, between sessions. Our time together can be anywhere from a single session, 6 sessions or as long as you need it – it is important to me that you get the support you are looking for! I trust that you already have the knowledge in place: You are the expert in your life. I follow your lead in the session. I am hear (spelling intentional) to offer you support and guidance during the session, as well as hold space for you in what you need to share.

We heal in community: Being with others to unpack this and get support is an important part of adjusting to this new role in your life. This goes the same for any new transition in your life – as social creatures we thrive when in a community. I’d be so honoured to be a part of yours.

“You do not just wake up and become a butterfly, growth is a process” – Rupi Kaur

As a therapist, i offer both psychotherapy and counselling. The distinction can be tricky to understand, so one way that helps is to see what it is you need support on. As a Registered Psychotherapist, it is beyond my scope to diagnosis and it is not something that impacts my ability to provide therapeutic guidance. I have been trained in different therapeutic modalities that are designed to support people with various concerns. For instance, i provide individualized psychotherapy for concerns like trauma, postpartum mood challenges, and ongoing challenges due to anxiety, depression, and the impact of trauma. Counselling is typically more short-term, and is a holistic support that does not rely as intentionally on the various therapy modalities. Themes that i typically support people on are their transition into parenthood and other rites of passage, sexual health and overall wellbeing, self-exploration and growth.

Therapy is a collaborative process between us, with you in the lead. As a therapist, i act as an anchor in that process. The path is the goal as much as where you end. One of the best indicators that tell you if therapy is helping is if you feel a rapport and connection with your therapist. Trust is an imperative part of the process, and i know how vulnerable it is to entrust ourselves in someone else. With that in mind, i work from a client-centred, relational and holistic place. I intentionally connect the mind*body*soul in my work, from a feminist perspective. As a trauma therapist, it is also important to be integrative in my approach, so that i can provide support that most meets your needs. So, besides this crucial part of building a therapeutic alliance together, i have learned several styles of therapy that can be very helpful:

Feminist Therapy
Narrative Therapy
Attachment-based via Dr. Neufeld’s Developmental approach
Somatic-based Therapy (Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and Somatic Experiencing)
Parts Work (Internal Family Systems, Somatic Therapy and Jung’s Archetypes)
Polyvagal Theory-Informed
Mindfulness and Breathwork
Sex Therapy
Emotion-Focused Therapy
Expressive Arts Therapy

I currently provide individual therapy sessions to women, and support couples who are have experienced trauma. I focus on supporting you with healing from trauma, life transitions, and adjusting to life as a parent. I meet you where you are at and strongly believe that you are the expert in your life and we will work collaboratively together. I also provide single-session Birth Story Healing Support.

I see therapy as a good starting point to build a more balanced and fulfilled life for you, one that values a life with wellbeing. One of my favourite things to do with people is to build a self-care toolkit, so that you have the means to provide yourself with care on a regular basis. Speaking of resources, I created a worksheet to help you after a therapy session. It’s a great resource to summarize key points and ways you can continue to benefit from the therapy session even after it is done. If you want a free copy, click this link HERE.

Some of the specialties that i focus on are:

Abuse and Trauma Issues
  • post-traumatic growth and resilience
  • parenting after abuse
  • developmental trauma and impact on birth
  • attachment rupture and repair work
  • relationship repair work after trauma
  • sexual violence support
  • healing from intimate partner violence
  • relationship counselling where one has a history of trauma
    Pregnancy and Postpartum
  • pregnancy anxiety
  • preparing for labour and birth
  • birth trauma and post-traumatic stress
  • birth story healing
  • adjusting to new parenthood
  • postpartum depression and other mood challenges or disorders
  • new mother circle blessing work (group ceremony created for someone on the threshold of motherhood)
    Life Transitions
  • self-exploration and goal setting to help achieve your life dreams
  • self-esteem and empowerment work
  • creating balance in your life – building a wellness toolkit
  • self-care and coping strategies for depression and anxiety
  • relationship support
  • wellness and nervous system resources to build resilience
  • building a sense of belonging
  • connecting with your partner, especially as new parents
  • connecting to Mind Body Soul and holistic health
  • sex therapy, sexual health and intimacy
  • body image issues
  • perimenopause/menopause change of menstruation cycle
  • creating ritual for yourself and awakening your spiritual practice
  • rites of passage integration
      Parenting Support
    • attachment support
    • body/breastfeeding support
    • connecting to your baby and children
    • addressing intergenerational trauma
    • attachment trauma wounds
    • returning to work after parental leave
    • emotion coaching parenting concerns
    • raising children who have disabilities
    • addressing disconnect of expectation and reality of parenthood
    • Mother Wound and relationship with your own parents
      Grief and Loss
    • miscarriage and stillborn grief
    • infant or child loss
    • abortion counselling
    • fertility journey and challenges
    • adoption concerns
    • loss of own parents
    • end of an intimate relationship

    I’ve got you covered to live the life you love