Gates of Grief Work

Gates of Grief Work

Feb 27, 20238 min read

Last fall, l I devoured the show From Scratch. It was supposed to be eye candy, and a guilty pleasure show to watch. Does this ever happen to you – when you want to read a book or watch a show to get an escape from life only to find that story exactly reflects what you’re wanting to run away from or need a break from? This happens to me a lot as a therapist,…

A Simple Summer

Jun 30, 20162 min read

Today starts the summer break for school age children and their parents. It carries with it a lot of excitement, expectation, and ideas. I can remember some key summer days…

With a Cup of Tea in Hand

Jun 22, 20162 min read

Welcome to the BLOG! Have you heard of the Forth Trimester? Its the idea that women still are adjusting and growing their babies in the first 3 months after the…