A Simple Summer

m caterpillar

Today starts the summer break for school age children and their parents. It carries with it a lot of excitement, expectation, and ideas.

I can remember some key summer days with my sister and our friends. What I remember is playing in the various backyards, school playgrounds, and fields. I remember eating a lot of popsicles, freezies, and fruit. I remember shucking peas out of their shells, making tie-dyed tops, and making friendship bracelets. I remember playing with bugs, caterpillars, and frogs.

What I don’t remember is the work my mom had to put into it all but I’m sure she did. I do know I loved summer more than any other time. Maybe because it was fun, maybe because I was with my bestest friends, and maybe because there was no pressure of school. But I do think ultimately it was because it was simple, sweet, and unhurried.

In this day of gadgets, play dates, summer camps, and full agendas, lets also remember that its ok to not do anything at all some of the time – to just unwind and put your collective feet up. The kids won’t mind. Really they won’t. They too will relish the time to do nothing and (egads) be a bit bored. It won’t last long, really.

Give yourself a break too – your children will love summer anyway and we too deserve to put our feet up with a cold class of lemonade. They remember the fun days of summer and we need to as well. So put down your agenda and to-do list and help yourself to your (third) popsicle today.

Here is a link to a lovely site that honours a Simpler Summer: Simplicity Community And for more good reading about summer, check out this article. Oh and ETA a similar article by Hands Free Mama writer that was written later in the day that i originally posted this – i couldn’t pass this up!

With a Cup of Tea in Hand

Welcome to the BLOG!

Have you heard of the Forth Trimester? Its the idea that women still are adjusting and growing their babies in the first 3 months after the baby is born. This can be such a challenging time – exhausting, emotional, trying. We are feeling mixed feelings of joy, loss, excitement, pain, and it can be quite taxing. The Forth Trimester works on the premise that babies today are being born too early but our bodies are not made to give birth to babies any larger.

So, we need to remind ourselves and each other that it is okay and even imperative to S L O W down after giving birth. Asking for help may be a challenge of its own, but remember that your only job as a new parent is to be present and nurturing your little one. That means to stay in bed, be skin-to-skin, rest and take care of both your needs.

Herbal teas provide a great source of wellness for you. This tea will give you some added energy to give you a boost in your day, will help cope with those low feelings that come up, and support you as you heal and recover after giving birth. Here is a great recipe that you can make ahead of time, to be ready for when your baby comes. You can find this dried herbs in most health food stores.

Mama Moon Tea

In equal parts;
– red raspberry leaf
– alfalfa
– stinging nettle
– oatstraw
– red clover
– lavendar buds
– calendula flowers

Combine in a large jar and add 1 tsp to cup of hot water. Steep for about 10 minutes. For the first 7-14 days postpartum, drink it daily, twice a day.

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